Jena Rawley Taylor

Portraiture, Photography, Abstracts

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Welcome to My Site

I hope that you enjoy the the work that is on display here. Of course, digital reproduction of artwork does not always do justice to the affects that a piece of work has in person, but it does allow me to conveniently share my work with you. I've chosen an eclectic group of pieces to show on the site. I've painted thousands of portraits over the years, many of which don't have digital representations. And as hard as it is for an artist to put their work, their soul, their thoughts on the line, I still welcome your comments.

What's New

I've got some abstracts burning in me that I have to get on canvas! I'm constantly reminded of the depth and breadth of the one I serve. Keep checking in for new uploads.

Links that inspire me

  • Faith City Ministries
  • Iris Ministries
  • Examples of my work

    Be sure and check out the Gallery. These are random samples of my work from various albums.

    Photo Number 1

    Channan - To bend or stoop

    Photo Number 2