Jena Rawley Taylor

Portraiture, Photography, Abstracts

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Jena Rawley Taylor

3812 Fleetwood
Amarillo, Tx 79109

Artist Statement

It has always been my passion to paint, to photograph, just create. I find myself drawn to many different subjects. I'm highly inspired by the depth and breadth of my relationship with my creator. I see the wonders of the universe in His Word.

Many of my abstracts reflect visions that He has cast my way. I'm eternally grateful for that. I do have many more burning in my spirit, but like all artists, I struggle in the day to day events of life, always hoping to get back to my art.

In the long run, it's always about people. The people I meet, the people I love, and those that love me. You have to be willing to fail to succeed at your art. I hope some of this work reflects the successes of my life. Enjoy!


Hmmmm. Where do I start. I've not kept actual count, but I've produced thousands of watercolor and oil portaits over the years. I've had them hanging in the Whitehouse and Congress. I guess my favorites are those that are hanging in hundreds of homes across the country.

I love the translucent quality of watercolor portraiture reflected in a young childs face, or the depth of color in an oil portrait. Not to sound indecisive, I love it all! I've spent countless hours photographing children, capturing their spirit and nature. Making that transfer to paper or canvas is sometimes tricky, but it always seems to flow.

Education and Awards

  • 1975 - Graduated Summa Cum Laude - Texas Tech University - Bachelors of Fine Arts